The treasures of Saint Catherina’s Church in Maaseik are world famous, thanks to the oldest surviving book in the Benelux: the Codex Eyckensis.

A quarter of a century after its restoration, the volume is now at KU Leuven, where it is being thoroughly studied by renowned academics at the university.

However, as well as the Codex, the crypt is home to other exceptional objects, including Europe’s oldest religious Anglo-Saxon garments.

Both the Codex and the garments are from nearby Aldeneik and have been linked to the cult of the saintly sisters Harlindis and Relindis for centuries.


This 8th century manuscript has been completely digitised. Now you can leaf through the Codex Eyckenis at your leisure at  link.

But there are numerous other art-historical tours de force in the treasure chamber, including the brilliant work of the Maaseik silversmith Frederik Malders (1592-1662), unique medieval manuscripts and mysterious relics.

Many of these objects have been officially recognised by the government as Flemish Masterpieces, due to their exceptional historical, artistic and academic value.

This makes Maaseik a top attraction in Limburg and beyond!


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RAM - Pharmacy Museum - Church treasures combination ticket:

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