Can you find the hidden figures during a walk through Aldeneik?

2022 is all about Harlindis and Relindis. But who were these two sisters really? And what did they mean for our region? During this family game, you go in search of hidden key figures: scan them and discover the legends of Harlindis and Relindis in a playful manner.

While the treasure hunt (ca. 3 km) leads you along the most beautiful witnesses of this rich past, you can listen to the story and the age-old legends with the Erfgoedapp. For and by young and old: after a warm welcome by none other than the famous Fleming Frieda Van Wijck, you will hear listening fragments with word art, written and spoken by the students of the Municipal Academy of Arts Maaseik! The young artists were given the artistic freedom to work with the theme and made a sometimes tough, sometimes sweet, but above all creative version of this distant past!

The treasure hunt is suitable for children from 10 years of age. ONLY IN DUTCH.


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