A 2,000km long network of cycling paths, most of which with little or no motorised traffic. A unique system of interconnecting paths, conveniently numbered at each intersection, to ensure you never lose your way. You can also buy a map at Visit Maaseik. Perfect if you want to change your route on the way. Like to take a ride to the water mills along the Zuid-Willemsvaart canal towpath?

It’s easy to map out a route with the cycling route planner. It covers all of Limburg’s cycling path network, with all paths and intersections included. Simply tap the intersections you want to pass through and the route planner does the rest.

 Cycle route planner

Found an error while riding around the cycling path network? Report form Fietsrijk Limburg 

Cycle maps

Various themed cycle maps and the Limburg cycle network map are sold at Visit Maaseik, where you can also pick up a free cycle guide “Fietsen in en om Limburg 2021”.

  • Themafietskaart RivierPark Maasvallei, € 3
  • Themafietskaart Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen, € 3
  • Themafietskaart Grenspark Kempen~Broek, € 3
  • Fietsenknooppuntenkaart Noord- en Midden Limburg (Nl), € 2,95
  • Fietsroutenetwerk Limburg: uitgegeven door Toerisme Limburg, nieuwe editie 2020-2021, € 9,50
  • Fiets de boer op: langsheen verschillende landbouwbedrijven: 24 km

Do you like adventurous mountain biking through a beautiful landscape?

Hop on your bike and go fot it!

Chack that the ferries are operating before setting out!

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Bike rental/Bike repair?

We've created several routes for you based on the Limburg cycling network.

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